Egg Novel Mouse (NB-V05)

Egg-Novel-Mouse-NB-V05-Product Description

Egg Novel Mouse
Color: Six colors optional for different people use
Unit size: 86.5*65*46mm
No need drive, really plug and play
Egg fashionable design, compact size special for moman
DPI: 800
Interface: USB

Model NO.: NB-V05
Unit Price/Payment: T/T, Western Union
Company: Nice Day Computer Mouse Co., Ltd.

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5 Responses

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  1. Tongkonan says:

    Mudah2an lebih murah lagi. 😀

  2. Betok says:

    Mo yang all operator cdma (ruim) yang mana yah? Koz gak jelas apa bundle ma operator or bisa sesuka kita.

  3. alex says:

    coba modem cdma merk sentar bro,kmrn aq dapat harganya cuma 350 rb aja n dah support ed-vo, lumayan kenceng n g mudah panas

  4. dida says:

    to ms Alex :

    request mas, sentar yg model ms650 itu bukan yg support sm evdo ??
    tengkyw b4

  5. Carley Almario says:

    25. Your write-up is magnanimous my husband loves it. I would like to let you know that I usually keep track on your blog. In reality, I suggest it to my sister and brother in law.

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